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Our values

Our company is Bold ! Boldness is present in our innovative products, which are unique in Europe. Indeed, the objective of the company INNOVACTION SYSTEMES is to become the European leader in the industry of automatic truck tarpaulins and the railway industry. Our engineers are working on new innovative and creative solutions.

Likewise, Respect is an integral part of the values that we apply on a daily basis. Our team works in a family spirit, of consultation and common reflection. This state of mind allows us to acquire a working atmosphere that puts the team in a desire for improvement. It also makes it possible to integrate employees into the objective of the company so that it becomes common. We are therefore part of a desire to Share knowledge, experiences and savoir-vivre.

Our responsiveness is a key point of our success in the transport market. We are attentive to the needs of our customers and their conditions of use (which can be extreme). This forces us to seek constant innovation .

Our services

We are the manufacturer, distributor and installer of our automatic tarpaulin systems. 

All of our parts are studied and tested in-house. Our suppliers come from the European Union, and our products are assembled in France within the company INNOVACTION SYSTEMES.

company innovaction systems

We understand the requirements

Our customers are the basis of our concerns. Their requests, requests, and wishes of specific systems are listened to with attention. We seek at all costs to respond to customer requests and advise them on what they want. The different requirements stated by customers allow us to perform in the field of automation of tarpaulin in transport and to innovate constantly.


Our pieces are unique

Our network includes manufacturing companies. We conceptualize the parts in 3D CAD, make the machining and assembly plans that we provide to our subcontractors. They manufacture the parts according to our directives, plans and dimensions. They meet our requirements, are under our responsibility and follow our wishes. The parts are then sent to us and we put them in place in our various systems.

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The different installation methods

Our automatic tarpaulin systems are available in different forms. We have the capacity to install ourselves, or to have our systems installed by our network. Installation can take place in our specially equipped premises or at the customer's premises. We can also send installation kits to customers on request. The kit is then delivered with assembly instructions which allow efficient assembly.

Our history

Birth of an Idea
Idee conception

One day in 2010, on a road in Guyana, Srecko Sajnovic found himself following with some apprehension an uncovered truck, part of whose load threatened to fly dangerously over the road.
The idea of ​​an automatic truck tarpaulin opening and closing system was born.

Studies & Industrialization
cordage bâche camion

After a study phase of the existing solutions and the acquisition of a truck and its trailer to install the prototypes, the solution of the motorized and automatic movement of the tarpaulin on the trailer quickly imposed itself. A movement which will be controlled by a winding-unwinding of rope controlled by a geared motor.
The integral motorization of the tarpaulin closing-opening process, which is the main function of the system, opens the way to countless developments if combined with today's automation and communication technologies.

International Exhibition
Expo salon

In 2017, we participated in the SOLUTRANS exhibition, a European reference, dedicated to innovations in road and urban transport solutions.
In 2019, our second presence at the SOLUTRANS international transport and logistics exhibition was marked by our selection by the juries to participate in the I-nnovation AWARDS competition, made up of technical managers from manufacturers, recognized professionals from the sector (Federations partners of Transport, Competitiveness clusters…) and specialized journalists.

Year of Innovation
Full cargo

The year 2020 is a year of innovation. Two new patents are registered for our technology. A world first for the automatic roofing of covered semi-trailers, named FULL CARGO, but also for the specific tarpaulin covering for the railway market with pneumatic system.

Tarpaulin system for wagon
wagon baché

We have applied our system to the roof of the car, the solution can be pneumatic or electric.

The Best Is Yet To Come
Bachage automatic pour Krone

An ambitious R&D program is conducted with a pool of institutional and technical partners. INNOVACTION TECHNOLOGIES has to optimize the industrial realization of a cargo scanning function able to provide remotely the volume and weight still available for loading. The objective is to put this exclusive function, patented and already tested on a prototype, on the world market by 2023.

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