Automatic Covering for Train Freight Covered Wagon

Our tarpaulin system for rail freight wagons

Wagon Roof System (WRS) was developed in partnership with VERSUS OMEGA for an automatic closing solution for sliding roofs of rail vehicles.

A pneumatic or electric motor or with batteries allowing an autonomy of 200 opening / closing cycles.

Perfect sealing is ensured. And the requirements of the EN283 / UIC 592 standards have been tested since the end of 2021.

Material protection, lower payload, energy saving with improved aerodynamics and operator safety are the different advantages of WCS.

freight train bachage

The technological revolution in the service of rail freight transport

Our telescopic hoop technology is essential for sheeted wagons which will move apart after loading the wagon.

This system, which encompasses several patents for railway application, is designed for different varieties and models of wagons and requires low maintenance.


Covering guaranteeing watertightness and compliance with EN283 / UIC 592 standards.


Energy saving thanks to improved aerodynamics and materials used.


Automation limiting the intervention of operators. Risk reduction.

elements of our automatic tarpaulin system for Wagon

telescopic poles on covered wagon

Telescopic poles

Adaptation of the width after loading

wagon cranking engine


Pneumatic or electric motor

tarpaulin rails freight wagon


Stainless steel sliding rails

automatic sheeting system compensator for wagon


Patented rope tension system

rope tarpaulin wagon train


Rope without expansion or variation in length

airtight closure freight wagon tarpaulin


Locking security system

We have designed a unique automatic tarpaulin system for tarpaulin wagon

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