Examples of applications for our Customers

We design and manufacture personalized products, tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Maisonhaute semi-trailer
Transport Maisonhaute

Roof Automation on Semi-Trailer

Equipment of Krone semi-trailers on Maisonhaute transporter with our unique technology in the world of automatic uncovering tarpaulin.

Transport Tratel

Public works Tippers

Installation of an automatic tarpaulin system for PW and grain transport trucks Tratel.

Bachage Tipper Benalu
Automatic bachage for burns
Brulas Transport

Large Volume Tarpaulin

Equipment of the large volume tippers of the Brulas transporter.

Thomas careers

Covering for public works tippers

Installation of our automatic tarpaulin system on Schmitz tippers at Carrières Thomas.

tipper TP
Automation For curtain wagon
Wagon Railways Germany

Covering Freight train wagons

We are also equipping German train freight wagons with an automatic tarpaulin system.

You too can benefit from the advantages of our automatic tarpaulin system

Our solution will be customized to suit your vehicles and your needs.