Automatic tarpaulin system for tipper

Our automatic tarpaulin system for tippers

The automatic tarpaulin system used on Public Works Tippers is ideal for site tippers with a length ranging from 8 to 10m. It makes it possible to avoid any maladjustment and therefore blocking of the tarpaulin system.

The system can be connected with a GPS which allows the closing in less than 45 seconds, without the intervention of the driver and with the vehicle in motion.

The innovations that we are deploying on the tarpaulin for public works tippers allow us to have reduced maintenance and therefore increased profitability. The friction is reduced, which prevents premature wear of the rope and the tarpaulin.

The installed automatic sheeting technology has several advantages. It makes it possible to reduce the arduousness of an employee’s work and the risks of work accidents are reduced.

Our trolleys trapped in the rails respond to the problems of strong gusts of wind and suction effect during unloading and when passing through tunnels.

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Revolution in the service of transport

Automatic Control System (ACS) is the unique and patented technology which guarantees the closing of the tarpaulin with the help of Artificial Intelligence, for fuel savings of more than 1000 € / year for a use of 80,000 km / year.


Covering and uncovering of the moving vehicle in less than 45 seconds.


Approximately 700L of fuel saved per year, i.e. 1.2T / year of reduction in CO2 emissions.


Covering and uncovering with the driver in the cabin.

Eligible for the TPE Prevention Grant

The INNOVACTION SYSTEMES automatic tarpaulin system is eligible for a financial contribution of approximately 50% by the Pension and Occupational Health Insurance Fund (CARSAT) and CRAM for your investments in actions to prevent occupational risks. .

An automatic tarpaulin system for all types of Tippers

tipper TP Man

Tipper MAN

Automatic tarpaulin on tipper truck

Benalu dumpster bachage


Semi-trailer automatic tarpaulin

JCB construction tipper


Customized automatic tarpaulin

A unique automatic tarpaulin system for tippers

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