Full Open

Inovative tarpaulin system for semi-trailer

Automatic tarpaulin system for semi-trailer

The automatic tarpaunlin system “FULL OPEN” is specifically designed to maximize the use of roof space during top loading activities. With a fully open tarpaulin, it takes only one meter of space on the top and saves up to 70% of roof space, which is significantly more efficient than other manual tarp systems. This innovative solution is ideal for carriers who regularly load and unload goods from the top of a semi-trailer. FULL OPEN” system can be used to transport goods to reduce transportation costs, optimize transportation efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

automatic tarpaulin system for semi trailer solutions
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Take only 1M on top

High capacity battery

24V/70AH - 300 times operations

Durable materials

Stainless steel rail, steel plate, reinforced roller and more

Sliding door

The opening and closing is so easy

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The innovative solution for transportation

Notre solution de bâchage automatique FULL-OPEN vous aidera à économiser sur les coûts de main-d’œuvre, de carburant et de matériel. It is easy to operate remotely or with the buttons on the control box. The system is equipped with a 24V/70AH battery, enabling it to be used autonomously 150 times.

Cost saving

Load more with more space on top. Save work time with fully automatic operations. Save fuel by reducing travel.


Equipped with a 24V/70H battery, up to 300 operations without towing a trailer. The battery recharges automatically when connected to the trailer.


FULL OPEN is the first automatic tarpaulin system for semi-trailers that can pass the corner.

Eligible for the TPE Prevention Grant

The INNOVACTION SYSTEMES automated tarping system is eligible for a financial contribution of approximately 50% by the Pension and Occupational Health Insurance Fund (CARSAT) and CRAM for your investments in actions to prevent occupational risks. .

An automatic tarpaulin system for all semi-trailers


FRUEHAUF semi-trailer

FRUEHAUF semi-trailer automatic tarpaulin system

Maisonhaute semi-trailer


KRONE semi-trailer automatic tarpaulin

schmitz semi-trailer

SCHMITZ semi-trailer

SCHMITZ semi-trailer automatic tarpaulin

We have designed a unique automatic tarpaulin system for the semi-trailers

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