Automatic tarpaulin for grain tipper, moving floor, large volume

Our tarpaulin system Grain tipper, moving floor and large volume

Our automatic tarpaulin technology is perfectly suited for skips of length from 10 to 14 meters and without any possible offset of the hoops. These are extensible and allow a possible separation of the bucket up to 10cm, with a sliding that will not be impacted.

The ACS option (Automatic Control System) is a unique and patented technology that guarantees the closure of the tarpaulin with the help of Artificial Intelligence. It is compatible with large volume and moving floor cereal bins.

The technological revolution in the service of transport

Telescopic poles are developed at INNOVACTION SYSTEMES for users who do not want anti-spreading reinforcing bars or chains.

Our system guarantees complete freedom of loading the truck, without the constraint linked to increasing the width of the trailer.


Speed is one of the main advantages of the product we offer to tipper owners.


The reduction in friction and the waterproofing of the tarpaulin generate a reduction in fuel consumption of 6% to 10%.


The automatic closing and opening without any césinage to be carried out by the user provides a safety of the personnel who remain on the ground.

Eligible for VSE Prevention Grants

The INNOVACTION SYSTEMES automatic tarpaulin system is eligible for a financial contribution of approximately 50% by the Pension and Occupational Health Insurance Fund (CARSAT) and CRAM for your investments in actions to prevent occupational risks. .

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