Automatic tarpaulin system for semi-trailer

Our intelligent tarpaulin system for the semi-trailer

The only technologies in the world used to automatically actuate the tarpaulins of semi-trailers are: CARGO and FULL CARGO, two systems designed by the company INNOVACTION TECHNOLOGIES.

This technology is at the service of any type of new semi-trailer or one already in circulation, and distributed by INNOVACTION SYSTEMES. Designed for use in “COIL” freight and crane loading, this automatic tarping system is designed to reduce the handling of the roof thanks to automation , with or without the presence of the roof. energy supplied by the tractor truck.

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The technological revolution in the service of transport

INNOVACTION SYSTEMS offers a patented innovation allowing the automated deployment of a flexible tarpaulin of very varied dimensions, on all types of supports. It is a new automated tarpaulin system .


Once the roof is open, there is no risk of getting caught with a forklift during loading.


The roof opens in 40 seconds, with the driver on the ground.


The arduous work and the risk of falls associated with unlocking a jammed manual roof are reduced.

Eligible for the TPE Prevention Grant

The INNOVACTION SYSTEMES automated tarping system is eligible for a financial contribution of approximately 50% by the Pension and Occupational Health Insurance Fund (CARSAT) and CRAM for your investments in actions to prevent occupational risks. .

An automatic tarpaulin system for the semi-trailers


FRUEHAUF semi-trailes

FRUEHAUF semi-trailer automatic tarps

Maisonhaute semi-trailer

KRONE semi-trailer

KRONE semi-trailer automated tarp

schmitz semi-trailer

SCHMITZ semi-trailer

SCHMITZ semi-trailer automated tarp

A unique automatic tarpaulin system for the semi-trailer

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