Automatic tarpaulin covering for the Shimmns wagon

Why choose our Automatic Tarpaulin System for Wagons
Shimmns ?

Our solution offers complete automation for opening, closing and moving the wagon tarpaulin, considerably simplifying logistics operations.

Technical specifications

1. Electric Motorization

The heart of our system is powered by a state-of-the-art electric motor, guaranteeing smooth, reliable operation for automatic tarpaulin opening and closing.

2. Rope Tensioner

An integrated rope tensioner maintains constant tarpaulin tension at all times, ensuring maximum load safety while extending tarpaulin life.

3. Side Control Boxes

Control boxes conveniently positioned on the left and right sides of the wagon offer easy handling, allowing operators to control the system from anywhere around the wagon.

4. Autonomous Battery

Equipped with a self-contained battery, our system can perform up to 180 complete tarpaulin opening and closing cycles before needing to be recharged. This autonomy ensures constant availability, even under intensive use.

Fast Automatic Opening

Enjoy fast automatic opening, reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency, all in less time than it takes to say "load."

Ease of Use and Safety

Simplify day-to-day operations by eliminating tedious manual tasks. Our operators can concentrate on more critical aspects of their work, improving overall productivity.

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