Control Box

  • No GPS signal 1

    CAUSE: Poor signal reception, bad weather, damaged antenna. SOLUTION: Checking the state of the antenna, wait for better weather

  • GPS disabled 2

    CAUSE: GPS function disabled by the operator. SOLUTION: Reactivated the function in case of need for autonomous covering.

  • Current less than 0.5A on an output C

    CAUSE: The current does not rise to the motor, faulty or unplugged plug problem. SOLUTION: Check that power is getting to the motor and/or that the plug is properly connected.

  • Engine Driver Error 4

    CAUSE: Problem between the processor and the motor control. SOLUTION: Service (replacement of the electronic box).

  • Hardware current limit reached 6

    CAUSE: Maximum current admissible by the electronics reached. SOLUTION: Current and amperage check in box.

  • Saving a fixed position by GPS 7

    CAUSE: Saving of the last breakpoint to determine when it triggers the automatic closing (very brief display). SOLUTION: None, normal operation of the GPS function.

  • Starting up the electronic box 8

    CAUSE: Indication of powering on and starting of the box. SOLUTION: None, normal startup procedure.

  • Blocking amperage reading 8 Fixed

    CAUSE: Processor problem. SOLUTION: Service (replacement of the electronic box).

  • Amperage less than 9A 9

    CAUSE: Minimum working amperage not reached, faulty system. SOLUTION: checked the condition of the rope (breakage) and of the system in general.

  • Preset amperage limit reached L

    CAUSE: The amperage set by the operator has reached the stop box so the engine is that there is an anomaly on the system (blockage by an object in the rails or the bucket). SOLUTION: Checked that nothing is hindering the proper functioning of the system and/or that the amperage limit is correctly set according to the skip.

  • Remote control pairing in progress H

    CAUSE: Configuration of the remote control after pressing the button provided for this purpose. SOLUTION: Once the remote control is correctly paired, the dot flashes and the letter H disappears.

  • Normal running 0 Turning
  • Pairing done Flashing dot
  • Short circuit motor 4 / 5 / C

    CAUSE: Motor short circuit. SOLUTION: check the condition of the electrical wiring of the motor, replace the motor if out of order.

  • Failure of the box Series of 4 beeps

    CAUSE: the box has an unexpected malfunction. SOLUTION: disconnect the box and wait until the LEDs are completely off.

Control box modules

control box indication

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