Automatic Control System, the essential option for your automatic tarpaulin system

The Innovaction Systems automatic tarpaulin system can be delivered with a very practical option: the ACS for “Automatic Control System”. Discover in this article the advantages of the ACS option.

What is an Automatic Control System (ACS)?

ACS is a system that automatically closes the tarpaulin of your truck if you exceed 40 km/h or if you are more than 2 km from your starting point. Thus, there is no risk of forgetting to close your cover.

ACS option: ecological and economic impact

Average distance covered by a public works vehicle per year: 80,000 km

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40% of the trips are made empty, i.e. 32,000 km / year
32,000 km 40%
Average fuel consumption
35L / 100Km
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6% proven fuel savings with our ACS option or 672L / Year.
fuel economy 6%
6% Reduction of CO2 emissions, i.e. 1794 kg

What our ACS option offers you

  • 800€ Cost of the ACS option (autonomous tarpaulin)
  • 308€ Return on investment from the first year
  • 1108€ in fuel savings each subsequent year
  • 1794kg CO2 emission reduction / year

The role of GPS

Innovaction Systems’ ACS system uses a derivative of GPS.

But what is the difference between the GPS of the ACS and the GPS of your phone?

The biggest difference is that the GPS in the ACS is not for steering; it only marks the position and the distances traveled with the cover open to indicate to the covering system to close.

Fuel economy

The ACS system allows you, in addition to our tarpaulin, to save fuel.

Our automatic tarpaulin system for trucks reduces fuel consumption by about 6% for public works dumpsters and by more than 10% for large volumes and moving bottoms. With the ACS, it is impossible to leave the cover open (unless the ACS is disconnected). Fuel economy is therefore guaranteed, which is important especially when diesel prices increase…

The fuel saving is due to the closing of the tarpaulin. The aerodynamics given by the deflector is kept. The wind does not rush into the empty dump body, and therefore does not brake the truck by pressing on the doors.

Over 5 years, the ACS option can impact your consumption by €55,000 (for 10 TP tippers). From an ecological point of view, the reduction in CO2 emitted over 5 years is approximately 89,712 kg (for 10 skips). The ACS system therefore reduces your fuel consumption, and therefore reduces your costs without impacting your customers.

In addition, the GBA option can reduce fuel consumption by 6% even if your tarp system is not the one we offer. The Automatic Control System can be adapted to existing tarpaulins.

Detailed operation of the ACS

The Automatic Control System is a closed communication between the control box, the GPS chip (both installed on the tipper) and a satellite in orbit. There is therefore no tracking, remote guidance or positioning on Earth. The GPS communicates with the box to automatically close your cover if it has remained open after traveling 2 km or exceeding 40 km/h. For this, the GPS communicates your stationary position to the box and communicates with it on the position of the tarpaulin as well as the speed or the distance from the last stopping point.

Reaction of the ACS on a TP tipper

The ACS system has 2 main functions:

  1. Communicate with the control box on the speed and, if it exceeds 40 km/h, inform the box which will close the cover automatically if it is open.
  2. Analyze your position in relation to the last parking point, and 2 km from this point, dialogue with the control unit on the status of the tarpaulin system and close it if it is still open.

Safety advantages with the ACS option

The ACS option allows for increased security. But at what level?

1- Cargo security

Driving with a closed tarp can serve to protect your cargo from the weather encountered on your journey and to prevent you from losing your load on the road.

2- Safety of road users

The fall of part of the load risks creating a road accident. The regulations require “ taking all useful precautions so that the loading of a vehicle cannot be a cause of damage or danger.

3- Driver safety

With the ACS option, you guarantee optimal safety for your driver because he no longer needs to take care of closing the tarpaulin.

4- Data security

Being in a closed circuit, your data is also safe.

The GPS can be disconnected, this allows the cover to remain in its open configuration depending on your use.

Learn more about ACS

Would you like to benefit from the advantages of the ACS option for your tarpaulin system? Or do you want to install an automatic tarpaulin system on your tippers or semi-trailers? Contact us today. We will be happy to support you in your project.

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