Tipper truck tarpaulin regulations – Obligation to tarp a dumpster?

The regulations are quite strict regarding the use and driving of heavy goods vehicles. The transport of goods by road is governed by the Transport Code, the Labor Code and of course the Highway Code. It is imperative to respect the safety rules so that the driver does not put himself in danger, preserve his load, but also does not pose unnecessary risks to other road users. The tarpaulin of a dump truck ensures that the goods are well protected, but also that elements cannot fall from the truck during transport. Let’s take stock of the regulations concerning dump truck tarpaulin.

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What does the law say about tarping dump trucks?

What are the risks of not covering a dump truck?

The various goods and materials that are transported in dump trucks can represent a danger. If part of the cargo in the dump truck falls on the road, it may cause a serious accident. Solid and heavy elements such as metal parts or rubble can represent obstacles for other road users. Lighter and “volatile” elements such as sand, for example, can fly away due to the wind or simply the speed of the dump truck, reducing the visibility of other drivers but also making the road slippery. Placing a tarpaulin on the dump truck prevents its contents from scattering and therefore provides additional safety during transport.

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What are the legal obligations concerning the tarpaulin of tipper trucks?

There is actually no legal obligation to cover a dump truck when transporting goods. So can a dump truck transport all kinds of goods and materials without using a tarp?

In fact, the rules to be applied are in the Highway Code.

Article R312-19 of the Highway Code, amended by Decree No. 2020-1088 of August 24, 2020 indicates that:

  • “All useful precautions must be taken so that the loading of a vehicle cannot be a cause of damage or danger. »
  • “Any load that overflows or may overflow the outer contour of the vehicle due to transport oscillations must be firmly secured. Very long parts must be firmly anchored to each other and to the vehicle, so as not to overflow the external lateral contour of the latter in their oscillations. »
  • “Chains, tarpaulins and other accessories, mobile or floating, must be fixed to the vehicle so as not to leave the outer contour of the load at any time and not to drag on the ground. »

If there is no specific regulation for the transport of goods by a dump truck, the Highway Code, on the other hand, is very clear.

The driver of the dump truck has the obligation to take all the necessary precautions so that in no case his load can represent any danger or cause the slightest damage during transport by road. This therefore implicitly means that the driver has the obligation to cover his tipper truck when he is transporting loose materials, green waste, rubble… Depending on the nature of the load, a waterproof tarpaulin or a net can be used. used. The load must be secured. This prevents losses due to road conditions, speed or wind. The tarpaulin must be firmly fixed so as not to protrude from the contours of the load and not to drag on the ground.

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What is the risk in the event of non-compliance with the regulations?

It is possible to distinguish two risks in the event of non-compliance with article R312-19 of the Highway Code.

1- Risk of accidents

The first risk is of course safety during transport. If material escapes from the dump truck, whether due to wind or road irregularities, for example, it can cause significant damage to other vehicles or even cause an accident. By losing part of its load, the dump truck can also find itself unbalanced and the driver loses control of it. Finally, environmental issues should not be neglected either. Some transported materials can be very polluting.

2- Fine in case of uncovered tipper

The other risk is verbalization. Article R312-19 of the Highway Code specifies that any driver who does not comply with the safety measures described above is liable to a fine. The fine in the event of an uncovered tipper corresponds to a third class offence. Its amount can go up to 450 euros. On the other hand, when the offense is observed by the police, the vehicle in question may be immobilized.

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To conclude on the regulations on dump truck tarpaulin

It is obvious that tarping a dump truck requires extra time and effort from the driver. With deadlines already tight, the temptation not to cover your dump truck to save a little time can be great.

Thanks to our automatic truck tarpaulin systems , we relieve your drivers and offer you unparalleled security for the transport of your goods. Our system ensures automatic and rapid closing, in less than 45 seconds. Our tarps are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. In addition, by ensuring effective sealing of the dump body and reducing wind resistance, you achieve fuel savings of around 6%.

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can determine together the most suitable tarpaulin solution for your fleet of trucks and your activity.

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