What is an ampliroll truck?

Unloading goods can be difficult, especially when they are waste or heavy materials. Faced with this problem, the use of an ampliroll truck is the most suitable solution. To give you more information, discover in this article how the ampliroll system works, its different types and the advantages of using an ampliroll truck.

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What is an ampliroll system?

An ampliroll system is a hydraulic lift arm system placed on a truck. If you come across this type of truck, be aware that it is an ampliroll truck. However, it should be noted that the operation of the crane is not designed in an ordinary way. It is a hydraulic arm with a hook for loading, unloading or depositing boxes or skips.

The ampliroll is composed of different parts:

  • a connecting rod,
  • a slide cylinder,
  • a telescopic stem,
  • of the rollers,
  • an oil tank
  • and a high pressure hydraulic pump.

It is this last part that allows the arm to move when you use it.

The power of the hydraulic pump is what guarantees the performance of the ampliroll system. Among other things, the ampliroll system is guided by a control station located in the truck cab or by a removable remote control.

When to use an ampliroll truck?

An ampliroll truck is a multipurpose vehicle. You can combine it with a box, a crate, a container, a flatbed or a removable bed to make it the truck you want to use. Also, the ampliroll system can be used with a grapple crane for waste or scrap collection. In this case, the ampliroll truck carries two boxes: on the chassis and on the trailer.

Because of this adaptability, the ampliroll truck is used in different working environments and to transport boxes with very diverse contents (rubble, waste to be recycled or collected, industrial waste, construction materials, etc.).

The ampliroll truck is generally used in the field of handling such as public works or recycling. However, you can also use it in the agricultural field, for the transport of crops for example and in the army.

This way, you don’t have to use only one kind of truck to transport your goods. On the contrary, you have a wide range of possibilities for your cargo, as long as your truck can handle the load.

ampliroll truck

How to Use an Ampliroll Truck?

It is important to know that the control of the ampliroll system is done from the cab of the truck. Also, depending on the maneuver you want to perform, there are different moves to make.

For a complete maneuver, the ampliroll system’s arm must be completely retracted. Next, you need to bring the lift arm back. This manipulation allows the hook to be placed at the level of the container (or any other cargo). Thus, it is not necessary to place the stem on its length to be placed on the container. This is a false manipulation.

Once the hook of the ampliroll system is securely attached to the ring of the container, it must now be lifted. To do this, tilt the hook forward to create a gap at the top.

When lifting the container, gently release the brakes and back up slowly. This new manipulation allows the back of the truck to slide under the container. Once it is done, the container will be placed on the back of the ampliroll truck.

An important point to note is that you must not unroll the stem during the whole manipulation.

The Different Types Of Ampliroll Systems

As the ampliroll truck is an optional vehicle, there are different kinds of ampliroll systems that you can use. Although the classic ampliroll system is mainly used for pulling heavy materials, there are also ampliroll models for agricultural and military applications.

The Agricultural Ampliroll Truck

The ampliroll truck used in agriculture is known for its low angle. This makes handling the truck much easier and more precise. Also, the hooking and unhooking of the cargo is safer.

The Military Ampliroll Truck

Don’t forget the version of the ampliroll truck for military use. It is specialized in the transport of boxes according to the ISO 20′ and STANAG 2413 standards. With the military version, you can load directly on the ground or on the trailer.

Ampliroll System Options

As there are different versions of the ampliroll truck, there are several options that can accompany it. For example, the AL14 to AL22 models have manual adjustment systems on the stem.

There is also a hydraulic front lock for the AL8 and AL14P version.

Some models of ampliroll trucks have liftable guarding systems, tooling systems, suspension lock, pneumatic controls or vertical roller stands. In any case, all ampliroll models have one thing in common: they can be bolted down.

Finally, the tippers and trailers of an ampliroll truck can be equipped with the Innovaction Systèmes automatic tarpaulin system for time savings, safety and a 6% fuel saving.

What Are The Advantages Of Using An Ampliroll Truck?

The ampliroll truck makes your unloading and loading jobs easier in many ways.

First of all, it can be used in several contexts, whether it is to transport a container or to become a dump truck.

Also, the ampliroll truck is also used to load different types of dumpsters. Depending on the capacity of the truck and its size, you can even load two. This is a great saving of time and especially money.

Although the ampliroll truck may cost a little more, its versatility should not be overlooked. If you choose a large capacity box, it may very well allow a load equivalent to two conventional trucks.

To Conclude On The Ampliroll Truck

The ampliroll truck is very versatile and has many uses.

If you would like to benefit from our customizable automatic tarp system for your ampliroll truck, please contact us to make an appointment with our experts.

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