What are the different types of trucks?

A heavy duty truck is a vehicle with a total allowable load of more than 3.5 tons. This type of vehicle is distinguished mainly by its size and load capacity. In general, there are several types of trucks. To help you learn more, let’s take a look at what these vehicles are all about.


The main categories of heavy vehicles

There are two main types of heavy duty trucks: the straight truck and the tractor-trailer.

  • The straight truck is easily recognizable with its cab and loading volume above the chassis.
  • The road tractor includes the tractor that pulls the semi-trailer, the trailer and at least two axles. With semi-trailer, its maximum load and weight must not exceed 44 tons.

Heavy-duty vehicles can carry many different types of items: goods, animals or heavy machinery.
It should also be remembered that trucks are subject to other regulations in addition to those attributed to other types of vehicles. These regulations include, but are not limited to, driver’s licenses, traffic law provisions and
the various restrictions and prohibitions related to driving hours.


The different types of heavy vehicles

The choice of your truck depends largely on the objects you will transport and the nature of your activity. Especially since the trucks are vehicles specially designed for professional use. Here are the most used trucks:

The dump truck

It is the heavy duty vehicle typically used in the public works and road sector. There are different types of dump trucks depending on their use. It can be a two- or three-bucket truck, but it can also have a crane. Thus, this type of truck can carry several other equipment on the chassis or on the cab.

The dump truck is generally used to transport materials such as sand, gravel, rocks or soil. You can also request the use of this type of truck to transport edible raw materials. This is the case for the grain bin. The latter has a rather particular shape, different from that used in public works.

Finally, the dump truck can also be used by the municipality to transport household waste.

The semi-trailer truck

This is the truck of choice for people who need to transport large quantities of goods or heavy machinery. It is a container towed by a road tractor.

The tanker truck

It is the most recognizable heavy-duty vehicle due to its body shape. It is a truck that has a tank of variable size depending on the capacity of the vehicle. It is generally used to transport hazardous liquid such as chemical reagents, flammable gases and other industrial products.

But the use of the tanker truck can also concern the transport of agri-food liquid (liquid sugar, food additives, milk in very large quantities…). There are several types of tanker trucks. You can differentiate them according to the type of liquid they carry. The tanker truck that transports the concrete, for example, is shaped like a double cone supported by posts.

In addition to food products and potentially dangerous liquids, the tanker also transports water, fuel oil and hydrocarbons.

oil tanker truck

The ampliroll truck

The ampliroll truck is a heavy-duty vehicle with a system of the same name. The ampliroll system is a kind of crane or an articulated hydraulic arm. It is mounted on the truck’s chassis to receive different types of cargo such as a dump body, boxes or a container. However, you must balance the capacity of the truck with the power of the hydraulic system you are going to put on the vehicle.

The ampliroll system makes it possible, above all, to make the truck multi-task. In fact, once placed at the back of the truck, it can hang a bucket, a tray or any other cargo.

This way you can have only one heavy duty vehicle, but with all the features needed to handle various types of goods. Sometimes, the ampliroll truck is also called a multi-dump truck. It can indeed accommodate more than two dumpsters, but this still depends on the capacity of the truck.

The refrigerated truck

This type of heavy vehicle is quite specific. Indeed, it is intended for the transport of goods (generally of food type) which risk to rot or to deteriorate at ambient temperature.

To prevent this from happening, refrigerated trucks have an insulated box in the back that keeps the temperature inside lower than outside.

In order to generate the cold that is essential for the transport of goods, the truck is equipped with an air conditioner powered by a generator. It can therefore transport perishable goods without any risk even over a long distance. The temperature at the back of this vehicle is usually between -25°C and +25°C.

In this kind of truck, you can transport vegetables, meat, medicines or even flowers.

The flatbed truck

This heavy duty vehicle is generally used for transporting large goods. It has sides or straps so that the goods to be transported can be held correctly throughout the journey.
As a large capacity truck, it is mostly used to transport cars, boats or large beams.

american flatbed truck

The tautliner truck

This truck is characterized by its two sides formed by removable curtains. Thus, it can open on both sides in addition to the rear door. The advantage of this type of truck is the enormous time saving you have, both in terms of loading and unloading.


To conclude on the different types of trucks

Whatever type of truck you use, if it has a tarp, it is possible to install an automatic tarp system. This system has only advantages: time saving, driver safety, fuel saving, CO2 emission reduction. Do not hesitate to contact our experts to install your automatic tarp system.

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